• Do you need to attend each date or just one time?
  • You don’t have to be present every week  but must shoot a minimum of 10 rounds in a division to count toward the prizes.  You can shoot up to 3 times in one night.


  • Do you just do one of the two challenges?
  • The first time shooting everyone must shoot the “TYRO” course at least once, max of 3 times before moving to the advanced course of fire. The score for TYRO will go towards your 10 scorable weeks.


  • Do you time a group doing the challenge or each person does it individually so it may take awhile if a lot of people show up that day/time?
  • We will shoot in groups, not individually.


  • What if I shoot one division more than 10 times?  
  • Your bottom scores will be discarded.